About us

Makii takes children on an adventure. By means of colourful and crazy characters we want to inspire kids to let their creativity explode! Hence Makii is a childish way of saying 'make'!

With Makii Studio we're going on an adventure with cool clients. We're very proud of our collaborations with partners like the Rijksmuseum, 'RotterdamPas,' 'Jeugd Vakantie Paspoort,' restaurant 'Hotspot Hutspot,' and children book store 'de Kleine Kapitein.'

Makii was founded in 2013 by illustrators Idris van Heffen and Mielo Pouwer from Rotterdam. By bundling our talents we saw a great opportunity to create innovatory and creative products for kids. 'The world of Makii' nowadays contains 'giant' colouring pictures, wall stickers, art prints, greeting cards, wall paintings and a 'Makii-your-own-print-app.' 

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If you have any great ideas, questions, or just want to pass by for a cup of coffee- just let us know. We're happy to hear from you!

All the best,

Idris en Mielo